Chocolate Heart Cookies

Today I made Chocolate Heart Cookies (aka Maya’s Day of the Dead Cookies)!

Scroll down 2/3 of the way down the above webpage for the recipe.

I made half the recipe, but with one whole egg ineach dough. I wrapped each dough in a ball instead of logs; after refrigerating, I rolled them out about 1/4″ flat on a well-floured board. Keep chocolate dough in the fridge while working with plain dough. I made circles of the plain dough with the rim of a wide glass. Cut hearts out of chocolate dough with a cookie cutter (or use a knife). Mix 1t water with 2 to 3T powdered sugar, until barely pourable. Put a dab of this mixture on each circle of dough, then put a heart on each circle. Follow original directions for baking.

Choc Heart Cookies

Choc Heart Cookies

Decorate further if desired, with aforementioned water/sugar mixture to stick on red-hot eyes, licorice mouth, or pour on glaze (use maraschino cherry juice instead of water for pink glaze), etc.